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Your in Control

Whether it's just you and your home office just starting out or you have a fortune 500 company — You'll love your beautiful custom CMS Website, which enables you to change content easy as you change a light-bulb . . . and just that quickly.

Your content management system with its custom Back Office Design & Control Area (BODCA) makes it that way. Change pictures, and all content of your custom designed CMS website quickly and easily.

Your Customized CMS Website Saves You Time and Money

Change the content of custom designed CMS website without needing to know code. Without the need to call a programmer for most changes. Your content management system is designed for businesses looking to save money and time by having the ability make changes to their site anytime and by in one in authorized to do so in your company. You don't need to hire a somebody with programming knowledge to run your website and keep it updated. Companies needing a dependable content management system which allows them to make changes as change occur in the company. I design content management systems which gives CMS website owners the ability to customize their CMS website to meet the personal need of each owner, Buying a quality CMS website now with this BODCA, saves future developer cost for little change that take five or ten minutes and cost you a an hour or two at programmer's prices.

Looking For A CMS Website You Can Manage In House?

Add completely new section, or delete old section, with a CMS-Website content management system your in control you get the tools to do this and more. You get to have anything you need designed to be changeable customized so it will be changeable by you or anybody you authorize. I make it easy, like using a word process or uploading and downloading files, yes that easy for anybody to change the hard coded custom designed elements of you content management system. You get to make changes without the need to know how to write programming code to be able to change the hard coded section of your content management system, you get to use plain language to make the changes you need to make . . . you'll love it . And without calling in the programmer for a ten minute job and paying for an hour of their time.

CMS Website Services

Website Design

When you hire me as your designer, you're doing more than entrusting the job to someone else.

In fact, by hiring me, you can let me design your site and write the code that gives your design its functionality the development part. You'll not need to hire two companies to do one job and the whole thing will be completed by me.

You may avoid the annoyance of searching for a company to create a design and searching for a second company to write the code that makes it functional, which in the long run may cost you more money. And that way, you will be more focused and have more time to spend on your actual business strategy.

Entrepreneurs have big dreams, and in many cases, shoestring budgets. In order to endure in the competitive online environment, it’s a necessity to have a world-class CMS website at a fair price. One which is easy to use and saves you money, that takes both a great design and outstanding coding . . . my guarantee to you.

My Design Focus

  • Design Accessibility
  • Design Interface and/or layout
  • User Experience Design
  • Design Dynamics
  • Graphic Design


Here I understand your design is really a communication. Here it's understood communication can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms. I guarantee your design will communicate your company brand. Your design will be a totally responsive CMS website, which gives your brand the ability to target potential customers using desktops, and portable devices, such as phones and tablets.

Here you get a design that is creative and interactive, where the content is fluid, allowing you to reach a larger market, designed with an interface that lets users navigate through your site with ease on any size device.

SEO Services

You get the benefit of a integrated set of twelve powerful tools to achieve three main goals for the success of your site. Attract visitors, keep them interested to make them want to stay and then convert them to customers. Below is my list of SEO must haves I offer.

  • Keyword Research
  • Optimization of pages
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Link Popularity Analysis
  • Find Link Partners
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Set Up Visitor Tracking
  • Analyze Your Traffic
  • Check Search Engine Rankings
  • Ensure Site Quality
  • 24/7 Monitoring of Site Uptime
  • Supply Monthly Reports

CMS Website Features

Custom Designs to Meet Your Marketing Needs

Fast Efficient and Reliable Courteous Service

30 Day Money Back Guarantee On All Products

Available To All Marketers Wanting An Online Presence

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, OPP & JQuery

Custom Built Responsive Websites

Back Office Features

Throughout your entire project, I'll work towards building you an incredibly beautiful website. Want to see the type of website I'm going to build for you? You're looking at one! The website you're using right now is an example of the websites I build.

Content Control

Total control over the content on all custom designed pages of your website

Section Control

Add new section and delete section as needed no coding knowledge necessary.

Easy-to-use CMS

Your BODCA customizations puts the power of change in your hands.

More About My SEO Tools

Hi, I'm Your Designer
Allen Stewart

I'm a highly skillful professional, passionate and experienced web designer, developer, blogger and digital entrepreneur.

Located in the Central Valley, Madera, California I worked as an LVN for over thirty years, before discovering website development in 2008, and equip himself with the necessary skills to become a well talented, special brand of, web designer and web developer in one, capable of solving problems on the web, crafting design solutions, and speaking in code.

My determination and love for what I do have landed him in some pretty interesting places with some neat people. I had the privilege of working with, and providing solutions for, local businesses, big & small.

I build custom websites and provide design solutions for a wide array of clientele at my company, I regularly blog about passive income, living your life to the fullest, while providing premium quality web designs, marketing information, and materials for amazing people becoming Internet marketers

Why Hire Me? I'll work to earn your trust.

100% Satisfaction

What People Are Saying About CMS Websites

I am completely satisfied with the service provided by CMS Website. The quality of service is reflected in the beauty and functionality of the web site created. I invite you to visit the site created for our church The web site was created to fill the needs of our church to communicate with our current members and those searching for a church home. The web site’s unique design allows the ministerial staff to minister to and maintain electronic contact with both members and others seeking help. Once again I want to express my satisfaction with the knowledge, courtesy, patient and timely completion of my web site.

Thank You CMS

Pastor Richard

—Richard is Pastor at Our New Creation

Have the benefit of saving money on updating cost and developers fees. Have the ease of use owning a beautiful CMS Website gives you. And enjoy peace of mind knowing your in control.